From Mahersol we summarize this information with the following headlines:

• The average value of the properties goes up 128.707€.
• The Notarial Association confirms the increase in recorded transactions in 2015.
• The most demanded locations are located in first line of the beach.
• Falling interest rates encourages investors seeking these alternatives that are more profitable.
• The cash injection of European Central Bank contributes to make more affordable acquiring a house for the buyer.
• Small savers are committed to buy flats as investment formula due to the low profitability of deposits and Stock Market turbulences.


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One more year, in Grupo Mahersol we obtained...

This means, according to SGS ICS Iberia, an outstanding distinction for Mahersol in reaching the commitments acquired. This achievement has been possible given our daily work commitment, dedication and quality service to our customers, partners...

18 Август 2017

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